Basset Hound

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Basset Hound

Basset Hound Temperament

The Basset Hound is the best family pet dog breed. Funny appearance makes you laugh often. Though this breed is intelligent,lovable,easygoing,adaptable with your family. Basset hound’s are crazy with children and  friendly with other dogs , even strangers. So make your dog a proper intro of your  family members. That will help them to identify the strangers easily.They like to watch TV with you, Ride a car with you, Join in jog with you and love to play with you.

Not only with humans , they are so close with other pet animals like cats,rabbit and other dogs. This breed is very famous for its long ears. Very stubborn and strong-willed.  They will react to you in an unexpected way. This breed is an independent, Head strong and loyal to their owners.

Basset Hound will make a terrific family pet an make your day funny and memorable.

Breed Name Basset Hound
Lifespan 11-12 Years
Mass 20-35 Kg
Height 28-36 cm(Adult,Female) , 30-38 cm(Adult, Male)
Temperament Devoted,Gentle,Tenacious,Friendly, Sweet-Tempered,Affectionate

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