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Basenji Temperament

Basenji is also known as “Barkless Dog” which is originated from Africa. This breed have been identified as small hunting dog. Independent, proud, curious to know and playful. You need pro dog trainer to make him listen to your commands. Dog training program is must. Very energetic breed in this category. They will be occupied and keep themselves busy all the time. Love to play ,tease and running in your back yard.

Since they have identified as a hunt dog breed, they can track , chase and fight for you. Extremely athletic , so they can jump and fence over anything. Good watch dog , they will not bark much , but they are the man of action. They  will chase and attach. Prey instinct is much higher in this breed. Good family pet who can easily mingle and adaptable to your family.

Breed Name Basenji
Lifespan 12-16 Years
Mass 11 Kg
Height 40cm
Temperament Playful,Alert,Curious,Energetic,Intelligent,Affectionate

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