Australian Shepherd

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Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd Temperament

The Australian Shepherd is aka ‘Aussie’ is an intelligent dog breed. Very energetic and famous for its working skills. People who would like to have a dog breed for assist them on household works , can go for this dog breed. Very good family dog , fun loving, adoptable to situations. Mild tempered , instinctive protectors.

Funny with kids and family. They need your attention and affection. They will work to gain it from you. Trustworthy, guard your home and cattle. This breed also been considered as a protectors of cattle. used to protect your other pets like goats, cows from harmful animals and strangers. One of the best farm dogs.

Breed Name Australian Shepherd
Lifespan 12-18 Years
Mass 23-29 Kg
Height 50-58 cm
Temperament Protective, Intelligent, Active, Affectionate, Friendly

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