American Water Spaniel

Breed Name American Water Spaniel
Lifespan 10-13 Years
Mass 11-18kg(Adult,Female) – 11-18kg(Adult,Male)
Height 38-46 cm
Temperament Protective,Obedient,Energetic,Friendly,Intelligent,Trainable

American Water Spaniel Temperament

American Water Spaniel is an athletic, active and energetic breed.  This breed like to perform daily exercise. It is suggestible to keep them busy in order to save their energy in unwanted activities. This dog breed can be used for hunting. They are good hunting dogs. They love to run, jog, and play with you all the time.

Swimming and Obedience training will help you to make a better working dog. They like to bark often since they are keen watching dog. With a proper training he will respond you well. Playful and intelligent.

American water spaniel loves to be your center of attention. As an owner of your dog,you must be careful and monitor their activities.

American Water Spaniel Photos

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