American Fox hound

Breed Name American Foxhound
Lifespan 10-12 Years
Mass 29(Adult,Female) – 34kg(Adult,Male)
Height 53cm(Adult,Female) ,64cm(Adult,Male)
Temperament Loyal,Kind,Sweet-Tempered,Intelligent,Loving,Independent

American Faxhound Temperament

American fox hound is the bred for best run. It must to provide a proper exercise and training to your dog to make him more energetic and sportive. As like so many dog breeds out there American fox hound will use his teeth to destroy anything in your house. Very stubborn and independent. So Dog Obedience training is really important. American fox hound is not an easy dog breed to train. It requires lots of skills and patience.

American fox hound has got an excellent sniffing power. So they will be used to find the intruders with less effort. He needs to be monitored in a leash and safely fenced area. Sweet, loyal, affectionate and head strong. They will bark less but chase more. American fox hound is not an aggressive dog breed, mild tempered and easy mingle type with your family. They don’t like strangers, but with a proper socializing training they will be adoptable to any situation.

American fox hound is not an enemy of other dogs, but unpredicted with same sex.  A loud, deep barking is the special quality of a watch dog is natural for this breed.

American Fox hound Photos

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