American Eskimo Dog

Breed Name American Eskimo Dog
Lifespan 16 Years
Mass 10.5(Adult,Female) – 12 kg(Adult,Male)
Height 38.4cm(Adult,Female) ,51.5cm(Adult,Male)
Temperament Reserved,Protective,Alert,Friendly,Intelligent

American Eskimo Dog Temperament

Originally originated from United States of America and England. Playful, affectionate and very good companion dog. Furry white thick coat makes the cute appearance of this breed. Adjustable to all family members , especially kids. So American Eskimo dog makes one of the best family pet around the world. They barks well and announce you when the stranger arrives at your place. Very good watch dogs. Protective to the family.

Small in size, thick double coated white fur, Silk and smooth hair makes this breed to be identified as one of the beautiful dog breed in the world. American Eskimo dogs are dominant, they need proper house training and socialization training. Sometimes their barks will not end easily. Surprisingly they are independent and easy to train.

Eskies are quick learners. They will master the work and do it perfectly. People who are all looking for small working dog can go for American Eskimo dog. Understanding the tone of human being (mostly owners) is the special nature of this breed. Many of them claims that their Eskies talk with them. They will be bored on your regular commands since they are quick learners.  The bored Eskimo dog become loud, mischievous and destructive.

Daily exercise will help your dog to come out of this boredom. They like jogging, hiking.  Almost they will do all the commands you give. One of the best show dog from ancient time.

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