Alaskan Malamute Dog

Breed Name Akita
Lifespan 13-16 Years
Mass 34(Adult,Female) – 38 kg(Adult,Male)
Height 58.4cm(Adult,Female) ,63.5cm(Adult,Male)
Temperament Playful,Devoted,Friendly,Loylal,Dignified,Affectionate

Alaskan Malamute Temeperament

Alaskan malamute is considered as a large breed in domestic dog breeds. This breed have been bred for use hauling heavy freight since they are very strong and endurance. It’s difficult to mess with Alaskan. This arctic dog breed is identified as a one of the best sled dog in the world. You need to commit obedience training in early stage else you will end up failed to control a full grown up dog. Alakan malamute’s are very loyal to their owners and great working dogs. Natural instinctive protectors.

Independent and stubborn at a times. Energy level is too high for this breed. They are bred to pull , so teaching them to walk on a leash without pulling is a must. Athletic , playful and very dignified breed in this sled dogs category.

Alaskan Malamute also been used in rescue people who lost in arctic trekking circle. Thick hairy coat helps this breed to survive even on least minus degree temperature. They are being helpful on navigation, trekking, sledding, and backpacking. They need your attention not only for your caring about them, since they have predator streak and they have been known to kill livestock and wildlife.

Usually aggressive with other dogs, especially with the same sex. With a proper introduce to them , they will be able to identify your neighbors and friends.

Alaskan Malamute Photos

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