Akita Dog

Breed Name Akita
Lifespan 10 Years
Mass 45 – 66 kg(Adult)
Height 58-64 cm
Temperament Alert,Docile,Friendly,Responsive,Courageous,Dignified

Akita Temperament

Akita is a strong, courageous and family-oriented dog. Very strong protective instincts and territorial. Large in size, Quiet in nature and aloof and harmful to intruders. Temperament is not stable within breeds. Some are calm, some are aggressive and loud. So watch over this breed when your kids play with them.

Akita likes to eat, as a dog owner make sure about their shelter and food space. Generally they don’t pose against children, but they can be intolerant at a times when your kid misbehave with them. Teach your children to show respect towards your dog. They have natural hunting instinct. Never allow your akita to be roam around outside of safely fenced in area.

Akita is sensitive breed. They are independent, Headstrong, dominant too. So it is very important to start your dog training early. They are not easy to train, but with patience it can be done. This breed has been originated from Japan. They will bark when it is necessary which means they will be proactive as any of the unfamiliar faces or other animals intrudes your place.

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