Airedale Terrier Dog

Breed Name Airedale Terrier
Lifespan 11-12 Years
Mass 23 – 29 kg(Adult Male) , 18-20 Kg(Adult Female)
Height 58-61 cm
Temperament Out going, Alert,Friendly,Confident,Courageous,Intelligent

Airedale Terrier Temperament

Airedale terrier is the kind of terriers. This breed is originated along the river Aire in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England. This breed has recognized for its trademark temperament: Energetic, curious, feisty and boisterous. This breed needs your attention and will proceed to get it. They are intelligent, energetic, and friendly with people. But not reliable. Whatever you think, Airedale Terrier will think over it.

They are so mischievous until they reach the second year of their life. Since they will show threat to their family and kids, they will make a good family dog. It is consensus that Airedale terrier needs puppy training and socialization training to control its mischievous behavior within family. They are great watch dogs, they barks when they see something strange in their site.  They likes to do anything you do: Jogging, running, hiking, backpacking. Very loyal and devoted breed. Having a habit of chasing small animals like squirrel, rat, and cat.

Airedale terrier needs your attention and affection as like as other dog breeds, with a proper training and care they will do a best family pet.

Airedale Terrier Photos

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