Afghan Hound Dog Photos

Breed Name Afghan Hound
Lifespan 11-13 Years
Mass 5.5 – 11 kg
Height 61-73 cm
Temperament Aloof, Clownish,Happy,Dignified,Independent

Afghan Hound Temperament

Afghan hound is one of the oldest hound dog in existence. This breed is very famous for its distinguished thick, fine, silky coat. Also its tail with a ring curl at the end. Dignified sight hound with an independent spirit.  Afghan hounds are loyal and loving companions when placed with a loving family.

They likes to run which makes them to be very active in fence yard. Afghans are really smart enough to get something that you don’t want them to chew or bite. Very intelligent breed, so dog training for Afghan hound is really difficult task to do. This dog have a very good prey instinct, will chase anything that moves. Afghan hounds have Ok feel to live with other house pets like cats and rats. But they are not trustworthy.  They are calm and playful with owners and children. But usually it’s wary around strangers.

Afghan Hound Photos

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