Affenpinscher Dog Photos

Breed Name Affenpinscher
Lifespan 11-14 Years
Mass 2.9 – 6 kg
Height 23-30 cm
Temperament Playful,Adventurous,Fun-loving,Curious,Stubborn,Active


Affenpinscher Temperament

Affenpinscher is a German Dog breed. Also known as one of the monkey dog Breeds.  They are very playful and intelligent dog breed. Small size dog breed and big in attitude. Dog obedience training and socialization training is must and tricky for this breed. Loyal to their owners. Affenpinscher’s are very good watch dog, being aloof with strangers.

Affenpinscher is a toy breed and very active indoors.They can be nervous  by sudden loud noise , unexpected noise , strangers, and other animals or dogs. Dog owner should teach their kids to be respectful with this breed since this breed is so interested with kids.

Affenpinscher Photos

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