What Dog Breeds Have The Cutest Puppies?

Everybody wants to own cutest puppies. Your friends may die to come over to your house and play with your cutest puppy. Not everybody like dogs. But most of us like Puppies. Generally puppies are the cutest thing you can point out. Some of the dog breeds are way cuter than others.

In the poll of Which dog breeds have the cutest puppies, I have got the below list from dog lovers who have handled and having a variety of dog breeds.

List of Dog Breeds Which Have The Cutest Puppies

Labrador Retriever:

Labrador Retrievers Puppies are adorable during their 5 to 7 weeks from their birth. They have black,brown, light biscuit brown, deep black coat colors. Their eyes are the unique physical element which makes them cuter than other dog breeds.

Labrador Retriever Cute Puppy


I have explained the necessity of having Labrador Retriever in some of my previous articles.

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I strongly recommend yo to read those articles to know more about Labrador Retrievers.


Bull Mastiff:

You know this gentle giant dog breed have one of the cutest puppies. Bull Mastiff is one of the Largest Dog Breeds in the world. Their coat is wavier. They have a smooth layer with skin and strong top layer to protect themselves from various weather changes.

Bullmastiff PuppyBull Mastiff is one the family member from Mastiff family dog breeds like

Tibetan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff

These puppies have quite similar looks to Great Dane Puppies. Especially during the time of 4-6 weeks older.

More details about the family “Mastiff Dog Breeds”

Golden Retrievers:

Puppy Pictures
Golden retriever puppy picture

You might be noticed this dog breed in many Hollywood films or TV commercials. Golden Retrievers have the cutest puppies compare to remaining 80% dog breeds. Their fluffy coat, cute pleasant face are magnetic features which draw people towards them.

Pedigree Р World famous dog food makers used Golden Retrievers in their TV commercials. Watch the video :


PomeranianThe Boo Pomeranians are categorized as Small Dog Breed which has an attractive baby doll face. Women or young girls like Pomeranians, because the can fit in your small apartment. One of the cutest apartment dogs breeds. Their face can be related to many adorable toys which make  children happy.

Their temperament suits to children. They are quite tolerable with kids and they love to play with them. Smallest dog breeds are cuter than large dog breeds.

See the Pomeranian Gallery to make yourself clear on that why people tell that Pomeranians are the cutest.

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