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Indian Dog Breeds are not very popular as other european and german dog breeds. In this article we will see the type of dog breeds originated from India.

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Indian Dog Breed Photos & Names

Behaviours & Purpose

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India, one of the largest countries in the world. According to the latest survey India has got the 2nd spot for most populated countries in the world. Well it’s not only for humans but a home for many rare species including country dog breeds (Indian dog breeds).

Chippiparai Dog - Indian dog breeds

Indian dog breeds are not as popular as other foreign breeds. call it a fashion or call it obsession, most of us would like to have pedigreed breeds. Not any but specifically European and American dog breeds.

Most of the dog breeds we have today like German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Pug and St. Bernard are influenced by Media. How do they come to know about these dog breeds, answer is TV.

In the process of being modern, the only ones who suffer are Indian dog breeds. They are the Breeds that were developed in India but ignored by its own people.

There are many historical proof has been displayed to this world that Indian dog breeds were used by ancient kings of India. Some of the breeds have been called with different names in different part of India.

Indian Dog Breed Photos & Names

There are 9 types of indian dog breeds, few are common across the country. Some are specific to the particular regions.  To me more specific , Rajapalayam(aka Poligar Hound) got its name from town of Rajapalayam in the Virudhunagar district of Tamil Nadu.

Here are the list of Indian dogs that you’re not aware of

Behaviours & Purpose

Indian civilization is one of the oldests in the world, so the dog breeds of India. They have been bred to be a hunters nd loyal protectors of the owners and family.

Ancient Kings of India used these dog breeds for Deer hunting, Dog Race and even as a workers. Naturally they are good at hunting.  If you notice they have very strong claws like wild animals use during hunting their prey.

Combai is very famous for its running capabilities. Locally they are several championship matches had been conducted for dog race. Combai’s are the spot light of the race. There are other Indian hounds also equally capable as like Combai (Kombai).

Basic territorial instincts helps them in guarding and hunting. Due to the lack of interests in these indian dog breeds, its been a downfall for these indian dog breed puppies and adults.

Indian Dogs Adoption

There are plenty of awareness campaigns conducted by Blue Cross of India for Country Breed Adoption. By adopting a dog from shelter we can change their lives and ours too.

Also inform others to adopt a dog instead going for buy. For any assistance regarding indian dog breed adoption kindly  use the comment section below. Doglers team will be happy to assist you.

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