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Great Pyrenees is one of the finest cattle shepherd dog breeds. Their main goal is to protect sheep,goat,cow and their owners family,people almost everything it can. They are very alert and active. They have got an enormous white coated body.Strong build,thick coat and majestic look and appearance. Intelligent dog breed. They have all the qualities and temperament to become the best family dog.

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Great Pyreness main objective is to protect people,sheep,children,land almost anything which is belongs it’s owner. This is one of the dog breeds under Large Dog breeds family.

Great Pyrenees Key Characteristics

  • The Great Pyrenees is a large dog breed which will not fit in to apartments. Though he is big, he will prefer large farms.
  • Do not go for this dog breed if you want to unleash your dog while you walk. Because this of his independent thinking.
  • He’s not a excessive shedder but you can expect some shedding, specifically in summer.Need to give special attention in summer.
  • Great Pyrenees is not easy to train. He’s very much independent thinker. Also¬†Great Pyrenees is not good for new dog onwers.
  • He’s an amazing watch dog. But they need socialization training to outcome it’s shyness.
  • This breed needs more attention and wants to be with family. There can be weird changes in his routine activities if he’s being isolated.


The Great Pyreness is really giant dog breed not only in size also loving his owner.Male dog will reach Height 27 to 32  inches where a female reach 25 to 29 inches. Weight 100 to 160 pounds for a male and 85 to 115 for a female. One of the largest dog breeds in the world.


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