German Shepherd Dog Types and Variation

German Shepherd is one of the famous dog breeds. How many of us know that German shepherd is the third most smartest dog breeds in this world. They are very efficient in many ways which can be beneficial to dog owners. It is well known guard dog breed. Look wise they are different based on their color,size,coat and their majestic appearance.

For instance search the keyword German Shepherd in google web or google images, you will find lot of variation between each images from the result. Fact behind his variation is based on it’s origin,history and unique traits. Still all of them are german shepherd dogs.

Types of German Shepherds

  • West German show lines
  • West German working lines
  • East German working lines
  • American show lines
  • Canadian show lines
  • Czech working lines
  • Many mix lines

West German Show Lines

West German show line german shepherd is the mos popular GSD. Based on SV standard which requires the dog to gain health clearance for hips and elbows. This type is the most seen german shepherd. The ‘look’ of this type is very specific and very uniform and commonly presented as a black and red saddle back.

American/Canadian Show Lines

This type of german shepherd is very popular in Northern America. Surprising fact is american/canadian show lines dominate the Kennel club. This bred to confirm strictly to the standards. Standards are set by each of the governing Kennel clubs. American show line has a slight variation on color combination which is black and thick biscuit brown combo.

West German Working Lines

West German working line GSD’s are often identified as closest of all other types to the original dogs produced under Max Von Stephanitz. This breed focus has been given to proper working structure and unique temperament. Interesting fact about west German working line is that unique ability on working drives quite higher than other German shepherd types.

East German Working Lines

Developed after world war 2. This breed strictly maintained by East Germany.Known for their keen working structure. East German lines are typically has a larger head and large bones and dark coat pigment. DDR bloodlines aka East German Working lines also known as very sound dogs and for their strong territorial instincts.

Czech Working Lines

Originated from communist Czechoslovakia. Foundation of working dogs made this type primarily used for border patrol work. Czech working lines dominated by Czech military dogs and famous patrol dogs.Some of the Czechoslovakia bloodlines contain remarkable working drives. Also considered as agile working dogs.

It’s quite tedious task to identify the type when they are puppies. German shepherd puppies are very adorable and cute. It’s important to know the standards and train them properly.


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