How to Choose a German Shepherd Puppy – Important Things to Consider Before You Buy!

Are you specifically fond of German Shepherd Puppies or dogs !? Having a thought to get one for your home ! Well ,wise decision. Before you proceed further,there are some important things to consider on How to Choose a German Shepherd Puppy ?

There will be a lot of questions and confusions like what sex to choose, how to identify a perfect german shepherd puppy, what are all things to notice before you choose one for your house and more. It really makes a difference when you know what you’re doing. Take a paper and pen, check the box one by one by seeing the below qualities in german shepherd puppies.

Parents of the Puppies  –  When you see the puppy,  by appearance it may look cute, healthy and active. But it is very important to know the history of the pup’s parents. How healthy they are, bone structure, coat details and which line they belong to. It is going to be a perfect shepherd if your puppy came from pureblood line.

Pedigree Certificate  – Pedigree certificate of the puppy is an another proof which can give you a guarantee that the puppy you’re about to buy is not a cross breed. Also ,this indicates the puppy is properly vaccinated and other qualities have been verified by vets  and dog specialists.

Physical Appearance  – Do not let the look of the puppy fool you. Many of us who does not have enough idea on how to choose german shepherd would commit this mistake.  This is so important to know the difference between different types and lines.

Show Line Geman Shepherd Puppy
Show Line Geman Shepherd Puppy
Work Line German Shepherd Puppy
Work Line German Shepherd Puppy











Show line German Shepherds are comparatively average in temperament, calm and good for families.  Work line German Shepherds are high in energy, strong protective temperaments and good for people who can match the energy level of their line. Appearance also will give you a clue that show line breeds are having a thick bush coat, heavy bone structure, long coat and dark in colors. But work lines are having a small coat, not very thick in coat colors.

When you choose german shepherd puppy by it’s look but not by the temperament, actually you’re going to away from choosing a perfect puppy. Think twice and confirm the purpose of having a german shepherd , then wisely choose the puppy based on your needs.

Health Certificate –  Before you get a puppy in hands, ask the owner to provide the health certificate and pedigree certificate which can indicate the quality of the puppy and health condition . Based on the age when they hand over the puppy to you, you should check whether the puppy is properly vaccinated or not and get an upcoming schedule sheet to make sure that you will continue giving the same health care.

Behaviors of Puppy –  Experienced dog owners would say , choose the one puppy which comes to you. Some puppies develop a good bond in a first meet itself. Check whether the puppy has got the pointy ears ( depends on age), call them and wait for their response. Check the energy level, physical quality, observation skills.

There are much more specific things, but this article will help you to get the basic and important knowledge on how to choose a german shepherd puppy. Choose wisely and stay happy with your four legged companion.

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