Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie Temperament

Bearded CollieĀ is a wonderful family pet dog breed. This dog breed is very responsive. They will accompanies you when you jog,walk,play and even when you purchase at grocery store. One of the well known family pet dog. Easy going type. Loyal friend and love to learn. They will surprise you by learning faster than you expect. Yes, they are very quick learners. if you want to buy a dog breed which can pick up jut like that, then Beardies is your breed. Friendly, outgoing nature, always YES to play with you and family. A potential companion dog breed which is very alert when they see strangers at your place. They love to play with kids.

This dog breed is a loyal guardian.They will bark to alert you. Barking is the most effective way of them to alert you that something you want to know.But it will cause a problem, especially with your close neighbors. It’s good to introduce your bearded collie to your neighbors, its a friendly dog breed. They will easily mingle with them. Jumping is another way of expressing their joy. Even when you train them not to do so, they will do that ( he he manufacturing defect :-p ). Since it is pure form of love, you can allow it.They will not disobey their masters command. So not to worry that how will he behave with your family relatives and friends. This breed loves company. When they have, they will go crazy with them, either it can be human being or other dog breed.

Independent thinkers, but obedient as well. He will not do so until you ask him to. Good listeners , that is what making this breed as a wonderful family dog breed which learn fast. They observe you well. Potential dog training to bearded collie will give you lots of positive impact on its behaviors.Socialization is added advantage, because it makes a way for them get to know new people and various dog breeds. This improves their brain activity and capacity.

Bearded Collie Training

Bearded Collie is an efficient dog breed which is easy to train. They learn faster than other dog breeds from same family. See more on how to train your dog and puppies

Bearded Collie Grooming

This Collie has a long coat which needs to be brushed very often. To be more accurate, twice or thrice in a week. Clipping nails is required when it is started coming out than normal length.

Bearded Collie Photos

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