Beagle Dog

Beagle is a compact small dog breed. Active companions for kids. They are fun loving also can be stubborn at times. They will mingle with family members without hesitation. Jovial and friendly.Still required best dog training tricks to be smart.

Beagle Key Characteristics

  • Beagles can be very difficult to handle in house training.
  • Beagles can get bored if left along in a house for a long time.It’s better to avoid such a situation.
  • If you have Beagle dog , then you should know how to control their howling and barking.
  • Since they are small, it is easy for thieves to take them away from you. You should be very careful that your dog is microchipped.
  • If they smell something interesting nothing can stop them. Their nose actually controls the brain.Since they are scenthounds it’s not ¬†tough task for them
  • They are lovable and intelligent.
  • They are independent and bit difficult to control. So it’s better to take an obedience training for your beagle.

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