Are They Wolf Dog Breeds!

Wolf Dog Breeds

Many dog lovers have this question “Is there any dog category called wolf dog breeds!”.

Answer is NO. There is no official dog category called wold dog breeds. Dog breeders revealed that there are hybrid dogs which looks like a wolf .

Hybrid wolf dogs are having similar look like wolf. They have thick double coat , lengthy body, sharp edged face structure which almost replicates a wolf. As per the AKC standards some of the official dog breeds have been identified as a wolf dog breeds.

4 Wolf Dog Breeds


Origin of this dog breed is Finland. Bred to resemble a wolf in every ways. But you can find this  dog breed a bit smaller than timber wolf. Their grey coat will make an appearance which resembles a wolf perfectly. 30-40 kgs is the average weight of a full grown male tamaskan. They do not have a straight tail.

Tamaskans are smart,agile,obedient and good in rescues.One of the identified sled dog breeds. They need to occupied with some work avoid troubles from them. Training is important to get the best out of it. They are alert. Good in guarding your house. Generally used to protect farms and other farm animals like cow,sheep,horse. Good shepherd dog breed.

Tamaskan Wolf Dog

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