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Affenpinscher dog breed was developed to be ratters in homes and shops. Small in size, identified as one of the small dog breeds. Currently, they are fit for a house and mischievous. The general opinion is Affenpinschers are one of the cutest companion dog breeds, especially for ladies.

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Stats of the dog breeds

Name: Affenpinscher
Dog breed group: Companion Dogs
Height: 10 – 12 shoulder wise
Weight: 9 – 11 Pounds average
Lifespan: 12 – 14 Years

As per the AKC dog breeds list, the Affenpinscher is a small dog breed. Funny thing is the breed is aka Monkey dog breed. The name of the dog breed has been taken from a german word “affen” means “Ape” in English.

It’s quite difficult to capture the attention of ladies. Right!! This breed was bred to be smaller in size and to be the companion dog. I think somebody noticed that women like these qualities in dogs.

Dog breeds a-z are meant to be helpful to the human being in some ways. Rarely you can see the Affenpinscher’s nearby your house. They are extremely energetic, charming with simple nature. Bold and ready to face type. Generally all dog breeds would like to play, run here and there. But Affenpinscher is very adaptable, hence you can take them during your adventure travel trips.

Dog owners can possibly think that they are small in size, what can they do like big dog breeds? If you have the same question in your mind, your wrong. Affenpinscher is big in mind, thoughts, action, the process which are all not common in other small dog breeds. Gentle and sensible. Love to get your attention. They never cease to entertain their owners.

Smart, loyal, sturdy dog breed. Even the largest dog breeds in the world may not fit for this job. Yes, they are fearless. They will be vicious when they feel the threat to their owners. Well known little protectors. They will be taking your credits and easily mingle with family members. When it comes to guarding your home, family or properties you will see the another face of Affenpinscher.

They need to be socialized with people, other dog breeds. Socialization Training is a must for this dog breed. They would like to see many people, dogs, and places. They like to roll over on the green lawn of the open park. It’s quite common in all dog breeds. Even the best dog breeds from AKC dog breeds list can be out of their core when you keep them idle in the backyards of your house. Affenpinscher is not an exceptional dog breed from this fact.

They know how to handle themselves. It’s very useful when it comes to training your dog. He needs consistent training. Dog trainers can easily train them, but what’s there for you when you personally wants to train your Affenpinscher.

Personally, I would suggest you to train your dog with the basic dog tricks and tips you know. The main reason behind this process is, you will create a natural bond with your Affenpinscher. As per the source from dog experts, they love to learn and implement the same in real life to capture your attention and love. Added score to you in the process of training Affenpinscher. Never keeps them isolated. They are sensible dog breeds.

I think you might have made up your mind. Let’s get this dog breed!

I must tell the pain points before you bring the cute affenpinscher puppy to your home. They are not tolerable, it’s better to reconsider your dog breed selection if you have a house full of children. They don’t stand rough kids. You cannot monitor them 24×7. They will go for a bite when they provoked.

If you really feel to get one after reading the pain points, then you must read more about their personality, health, history, food suggestions, grooming tips.

Let me just start with the history of the Affenpinscher.


The Affenpinscher has got a track record from the 19th century. They have planned to be like rough-coated, bearded dogs. Certainly this idea might come from their ancestor dog breeds.

The actual utilization of Affenpinscher dog is recorded in Central Europe for their rat-catching abilities. They have been used in shops, houses to catch small rodents. Dog experts found that they might have crossed with smooth coated German Pinschers and Pugs. Affenpinscher is one of the important reason on breeding Brussels Griffin dog.

Development of this dog breed has actually happened in Munich. Later, they have been identified by many in Germany. Berlin Lapdog Club should be credited for making the standards of earlier Affenpinscher.

How to take care of my Affenpinscher?

Affenpinscher is one of the apartment dog breeds, even suitable for small apartments. They do not require much space to live. Basic needs like proper food, healthy diets, dog training, vaccination, shelter are the must.

Don’t you have a backyard, confused about How to train your dog? Don’t worry. Take them to a public park or beachside even the empty roadside and let them enjoy the taste of getting trained.

Toy dog breeds are difficult to housetrain. Affenpinscher is one of them. Be gentle and patient during training your dog. They are quick learners, do not be rough even though they are picking up well.

Always treat them well when he does what you expected. This will encourage them to learn more quickly.

Food Plan:

This topic is specific, can be different for different dog breeds. The amount of food they consume completely depends on the size, age, build type, active level, metabolism and many others.

For an instance, an active affenpinscher can eat more than couch pomeranian. Veterinarians identified that quality dog food makes an excellent healthy dog. Feed your affenpinscher twice a day instead of storing its stomach with unhealthy dog treats.

Have a good hard look at your dog, do you feel that he is fat?! Take them for a daily walk, give healthy food and treats, avoid salty foods, oil fried foods in your daily feeding.

Pedigree is one the famous dog food brands, which you can rely on healthy dog food. Their products are categorized as dog food for adult dogs, healthy food for puppies, Veg only treats for adult dogs, Non-Veg treats for largest dog breeds, small dog breeds, and medium size dog breeds.

Coat & Grooming Tips:

Affenpinscher comes in different color coats includes black, gray, silver, black and tan.

They have rough, shaggy coat on the body. Their double coated body helps them survive variously weather conditions. But they will shed excessively in hot weather. You should take a special care of your dog during a summer season.

They need a regular bath to avoid tangled hair struck. Use cool water to bath your dog. Prefer good products of dog shampoos, soaps. Consult your vet before you buy a costly product for your dog. It may not be necessary to buy costly, instead of buying the right product.

Clip their nails on a weekly basis to avoid a damage in your house furniture.


Affenpinscher, a small dog breed suitable for apartments can be your house guard, companion dog for your sister and mother. Protectors of your properties and Entertainer of your family.

Get along with them to find more about affenpinscher dog.

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