Why Stray Dogs are Strange!

Generally dog lovers have an idea about how does their dog behaves with them. Especially when they are happy, well treated.Similarly when they are not good, frightened. All these dog behaviors are similar in stray dogs! Many of us having this question. The answer is simple. In this article I will share my thoughts about stray dogs and their behaviors.

Stray Dog behaviors

Stray Dog

Stray dogs unpredictable but still they deserve our love and concern. As a puppy they were clueless to find a shelter, food and affection. They follow other puppies or adult stray dog to find their basic needs.Garbage is a heaven for them to find a food. They are independent and unstoppable. They have been isolated without any choice. So they do not believe humans, other dogs.  They fight for food with other dogs , dominated one wins the war. Though they are independent , they want to stay in the area where to got used roam around. It would be a aggressive dog fight when they find a dog company from different part or neighborhood area.Most of the stray dogs are afraid of human beings. The reason behind all chasing and barking at human is the sign of insecure feeling towards human being. But some of them are strange and aggressive.

We should be capable of understanding the difference  between the aggressive dog and scared one. Signs which will clearly give you an idea about aggressive stray dog:

  • Barking , baring teeth, lifted tail, raised ears.

When you see these signs from a stray dog , you better mind yourself escaping from that situation with out panic. Do not try to run. They will go for chase and bite in the worst case. Calmly try to move away , try some normal behaviors , make some sounds which is familiar to them. Mostly avoid an eye contact with an aggressive stray dog. Afraid dogs will bark at you heavily with tucked tail,laid back ears also snarling. do not try to command them. Automatically they will run away from you once they started feeling safe from you.

Stray dogs also dogs. Do not treat them as a thrash. Try to treat them nice and gentle. Treat them if you can. They deserves our love.

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