What Do Dogs Think About When They Are Lying Around?

Soft Coated Wheaten TerrierOne of my friends asked me a couple of questions “What Do Dogs Think About When They Are Lying Around? “, “What are they really thinking about?“. Somehow I’ve answered his question with all the knowledge I got. But I have asked the same question to me once he left. What are they really thinking when they are lying around!

I have made a deep search on internet about Dog behaviors and what do dogs think when they are alone or lying around peacefully on the corner of your house.

Well, I have got plenty of answers which cleared the fog in my mind. I have personally felt that someone like my friends or me may have the same question but without answers.

In this article you will learn:

 “What Do Dogs Think About When They Are Lying Around? “,

“What are all the things dog thinks while taking rest?”

What I’ve  read was quite a long story about dogs behaviors and thought process. I’ve shortened the answer for your easy understanding.

Short Answer:

Dogs are naturally having quick thought process system which makes them take a decision quicker than the human being.

Sometimes  you can find them being alone, lying on the floor and thinking of something. You can see that in their face and eyes.

Actually they analyze their near environment, solve problems like hunger, boredom, territory and need for socializing. The mind wanders from an impulse to impulse, you hear a noise, you sense a smell, you see movement. These all are situations where we are not in full control of our own activities and lives.

Most of the dog breeds live in a state which lacks  stimulation unless we are keeping them active. So that they can focus on the main events of the day like meal time, when you get home from work or perhaps going for a walk.

If they have a favorite activity like running after the balls, They may think about the possibilities by looking at that ball. You may have noticed that some dogs escaped from the house or backyards which required thinking and planning. They are known to plan their own escapes.

Some dogs may keep themselves active by digging holes which can be creative thinking and ruling in the grass on their backs which may lack specific thought unless they see a bird pass overhead.

Final Words

Understanding you dogs behavior is not quite difficult unless when you don’t try to. Socialize with your dog and let them socialize with other people and dog breeds. Keep them busy is keeping their mind busy which avoid an isolated feeling.

I hope this article helped you to understand their thought process.

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