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Dog at dinning tablev -How to train your dogWhat is the common mistake that many of the dog owners making with out knowing the impact ?!! We can list out some points where all dog owners should me more careful to make an obedient dog. As a dog owner you should know the basics on how to train your dog. Don’t you have much idea about training your dog! It’s not a mistake. Of course there are many great websites providing top to bottom information on how to train your dog.  You can watch great dog training videos which makes the learning more simpler.

As a dog owner you should make your dog happy in all the ways like petting him often , feeding a proper food at the right time, playing with him though you’ve busy schedule, having your dog with you for a road side walk. We can add much more. In some cases too much of good things are also bad.

Thousands of people searching internet about how to train a dog ! But we must also know what mistakes dog owners should avoid to make an obedient dog. In this article I will explain some small small mistakes which should be avoided by dog owners.

All these below points are applicable for puppy and an adult dog

  • Puppies can make your heart melt with their cute little face. Petting a puppy is fine. Petting him too much will create a  bad hobbit of being completely dependent on you. You cannot blame a cute little puppy for being dependent on you. But in the process of training you puppy, you should give freedom and let them enjoy their own world. Puppies will learn many thing during this process. Always make sure your there to guide them in the right path.
  • Dog owner who does not care about how to train the dog would face many behavioral issues in future. It’s always better to start you dog training process when they are puppy. Puppy can start learning the basic dog tricks even when they are only 4 weeks old. But you should learn the way of training your dog/puppy with out boring and expecting too much from them.
  • Dogs are loyal companions. They always go for winning your heart. When you make the dog training process quite strict, they may not like it in the beginning. They will approach you to pet them instead of following the rules. This is where most of the dog owners fail. Being the right mentor , you should take the hard way some times. You don’t need to be harsh with them. By mentioning hard way, I am conveying that you should not be distracted from the process of how to train your dog. Your dog will follow the house rules when you make it simple but powerful.
  • Do not feed your dog other than their regular feeding time. Treating them during dog training process is entirely different from feeding them very often from your plate and during your food time. If you do so, they will disturb you always when you have a food with your family. Also they will ask for share on what ever you eat in front of them. Are you doing this mistake ! Please stop it right now. Schedule a timing, feed them properly.
  • Some dog owners are not willing to take their dog for a long walk . There can be several reasons you can tell.But what happens is your dog will not be ready to come along with you for a long walk when you like to take them. Dogs are like kids. You should train them your way from the beginning. Take them for a  long walk from their puppy stage and train your dog to be socialized with all other dog breeds and people. This will create a a good social environment for your dog. Also they will be obedient enough to obey your commands.
  • Patience is very important for dog owner. Puppy cannot learn everything in one day or one week. They will take some time to learn the process which they have not used to it. Be patient with them. Never punish them for their mistakes . Never ever. Make them realize their mistakes verbally and train your puppy again and again until it makes the right progress.
  • You cant be always right on how to train your dog. Have a conversation with your neighbors who maintains a dog for a long time. Get some good tips on raising and training your dog. It’s the most effective process to avoid many mistakes from your side.

We can list out much more of it. But these are all the very common and often mistakes made by dog owners which spoils their pet dog. Learn how to train your dog with out such a mistakes. Have a obedient dog .

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