How Much Do Dogs Sleep

Dogs sleeping time
Dog sleeping time per day is 12-14 hours

As a dog owner , you might have many questions regarding your dog sleeping time. How much do dogs sleep is the most common question asked by many dog owners. Well the  answer is 12-14 hours per day.

Well your dog sleeping is not a continues action,they can hear a small pin drop sound especially in mid nights. When they hear noise they awake and start searching for the answer. It’s quite common in all dog breeds.

To make the sleeping time peaceful some of the dog owners provided dog sleeping bag to make them comfortable during the sleep time. Putting your dog to sleep with you may not be the best idea for every one.

Putting a dog to sleep is not quite possible until you make the arrangements like dog sleeping bag, clean sleeping space inside or outside your house, insect free zone. Every dog prefers to sleep with it’s owner. Since the will miss you if you put them out in a extremely cold weather. It’s better to let your dog sleep inside the house or with you in your room.

You might have this question “do dogs sleep?” before reading this article, as you aware now every dog breeds take nearly 14 hours of sleep which includes day time.

Dogs sleep time is also based on the amount of activities involved by your dog. In case, you trained him for an hour in early morning, he will sleep an hour after having morning food or milk. This rest time will help your dog to be active again with fresh mind after taking a nap.

Final Words

Dogs sleeping time is an important aspect of healthy body and mind to be pro active on it’s routine duties. Let them take a proper sleep. They requires minimum 10 hours of sleeping.

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