How Dogs Communicate with Humans!

What in the world make dogs so loyal !! How do they communicate with people , How do they express their feelings to people ? How People can understand dog’s language ? Really , did they have language to express ? So many questions had  popped up in my head. But I did not give up on getting the answers which will be useful to many dog owners in this world.

Finally I came up with only one question. As a dog owner how do I understand my dog’s feeling. How am I understanding her communication with me. This questions actually cleared and gave me an answer. Anyway in this article I will explain  How Dogs Communicate with humans !

Puppy Stage

Puppy BarkPuppies are like kids in your house. They are cute and playful. Likes treat no matter what how much they had. When you bring that cute little guy first time , they have no idea about the family members  in the house. But they are quick learners. As days passing by , they can understand your commands, encouragements. How will they reply to you? Puppies have a  cute voice. They contact you by giving cute light bark sound mostly. They are helpless without you. They cannot be bold at puppy stage , so the only way to  get your attention is puppy bark. Puppy barking is the way of communication when they are less than 8 weeks old.This communication will be same when they are hungry, when they need water, when they want to play. It’s bit difficult to understand what they want at early puppy stage. But If you stick to your schedule for feeding , grooming, walking him eventually you will get the difference by the timings.  Some times puppies will express their joy by running towards you and licking off your legs,paws,face almost all over your body. Puppy Training Guide can be helpful for dog owners to avoid mistakes .

Adult Dogs

Puppies started learning when they are 3 weeks old. Dog training from professionals will make huge difference than how we train them. Are adult dogs are smart enough to express their feeling with humans! Yes they are. Puppy becomes an adult dog 6 months after it’s birth date. How do they express or communicate when they feel hungry? Adult dogs has it’s own ways to communicate .

Dog Pleading face

  • They will make an eye contact and try to  interrupt your work when they feel hungry
  • They will bark heavily if you tie them in chains , means they want to play around with you
  • Dog uses legs to make a physical contact. Generally dogs does this when they feel hungry or when you have some food without treating him
  • Adult dogs can be loud but they does puppy barking when they need your attention , also it’s kind of mood test they do to test your reaction.
  • They will scratch the floors some times with our purpose. Actually they does this when they feel sleepy and want to get settled on that place. It may be a floor, sofa, bed. They are every where.
  • They will stand on two legs by waving other two’s at you. Means they are expecting a treat from you. Mostly they will not stop until you give treat.
  • They do bark when they they see strangers,dogs, some weird insects. If you find them barking with out any reason , they are in the urge of excretion.

As a dog owner you should understand their language. This will lead your puppy or adult dog to have a great bond with you.


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