Excessive Dog Licking – Why do Dogs Lick you?

Dogs licking  - why do dogs lick youLearning dog’s behavior is little difficult in the beginning, but the fact relies on How much your noticing , caring your dog’s routine day today activities. In such a manner you might have experienced watching your dog licking himself excessively.  You may wonder , why do dogs lick you excessively and licking themselves at times.
Before you decide to eliminate this problem, you need to be sure why your dog doing this.

Why do Dogs Lick you excessively!

Dogs licks are the way of telling you that he loves you and he wants your attention and affection.Licks are one the symbol of dog’s love.
It’s true that we will approve almost anything your dog demands after expressed his love by licking your face. Some times we try to ignore or push them away, means we discourage this activity happens often. But still your dog will not stop licking because he likes it and he thinks you like it too. So it’s very common for all dogs ,show their love in this manner.

Dog Licking >>How to Stop or Reduce?

As a caring dog owner, you should ask certain questions like “What if my dog loves the taste of my face cream , body lotion or body salts!!”. We can’t ignore the possibilities. Some dogs get carried away with licking when they are in their owners’s lap because they so happy and excited to be there.In such a scenario, it is best to spend your weekend or several evening holding the dog on your lap in order to reduce the excitement of the experience.Your dog should be picked up and held until he settles down to doze.During this time, verbal communication should be soft and gentle, so the dog does not become over excited. You need to  make it routine until your dog learns that getting on your lap is not a special event.
If he start licks you again , squeal like as if in pain. Your dog will learn to stop licking because he does not want to hurt you. Another alternative way is apply small amount of  lemon or hot sauce on your skin , so that your dog will feel unpleasant when he tries to lick you.
If your dog is rewarded at times for licking and sometimes reprimand means your will be confused. Teach your dog to lick you on request. Let him lick or kiss you when you ask him to do so. Practice your dog  by saying”Kiss” when you wanted to be licked and  “No Kiss” to do opposite so.
If you decide  to stop your dog’s licking behavior ,make sure that he has alternate way to show his affection to you. Some dogs like to hand shake, roll over for tummy rub. Training your dog to do such a trick as ‘Shake hands,  Sit up, roll over,’ will make him less sloppy way to ask your attention. Re-channel your behavior when he forgets ans lick you again.


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