Small Dogs

Papillon | Small Dog Breeds

Papillon Dog Gallery Appearance & Behaviors The Papillon is an intelligent and matured dog breed from the smallest dog breeds family. Can be  mingle with people that includes strangers. Generally reserved around new people as like all other dogs. This breed is unpredictable. At times it can be strange and aggressive other dogs and people. […]

Pekingese | Small Dog Breeds

Pekingese Dog Gallery Appearance The Pekingese is very old and ancient dog breed from the history. Almost 2000 years old. But it does not changed much from the time. Still expectations from modern dog breeders and dog show judges is expecting a long haired Pekingese than traditional spaniel type coated pekingese. Flat face but big […]

Pug Dog Breed Info & Photos

Pug is one of the famous dog breeds all over the world . Short little body with curled tail.This dog breed has glossy coat which comes in variety of colors like fawn , black. Though they are small , they have well developed muscled body. Basically they were from China but popularized in western Europe. […]

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed Information & Photos

Appearance Yorkshire Terrier is one of the famous show dog in the world. They are the natural beauties with glossy long coat. But as per the AKC standards their coat should be silky,straight,glossy. Traditionally the coat is very long from the upper body. On head,chest,legs hair should be rich,tan,darker at the roots than in the […]

Poodle Dog Breed Information & Photos

Appearance Poodle is one of the famous dog breeds in the world. There are plenty of reasons. This dog appearance is far different than other dog breeds. This breed is a group of formal dog breeds. They have many varieties like Standard Poodle, Toy Poodle and Miniature Poodle with many color coats. Originated from Germany and identified […]

Manchester Terrier Dog Information

Appearance Manchester Terrier is the slightly taller than the standard height. Still added to the list top 25 small dog breeds. This breed has smooth and soft coated body is predominantly covered with black and tan coat combination.Typical dog breed from Terriers family. Short legs , athletic strength. This breed has looks alike miniature version […]