Dog Training

Puppy Training Advice

Puppies are cute,innocent. Puppy owners will be responsible for socialized future adult dog. Below article on Puppy Training will help puppy owners , beginners who would like to raise their puppy with well disciplined manners. It’s never too early to begin training and socializing your puppy Puppies are capable of taking in information. They develop […]

How to Train Your Dog to Overcome Shyness

Do you feel your dog or puppy feels shy of strangers or afraid of people or certain situations , objects !Don’t you know how to train your dog! You might be confused whether it’s natural or your dog only behaving like this when situation comes. It is very natural for dogs to be shy with […]

House Train a Dog – Eliminating Problem

House train a dog is more difficult than you think. You must keep your patience until they learn your commands and training. Especially about House training , you should be very careful since your adult dog is not easy to handle.  There is a thought , you cannot make your dog obey your commands once […]

Dog Noise Training – Fear of Thunder & Loud Noises

Dogs afraid of Thunder   It’s a well known fact that dogs are fear of thunder ,sudden and loud noises. Dogs often express their fear in destructive manner like barking,cowering,escaping. Dog owners often commits two mistakes which makes the situation more worst. Do not punish or reprimand when they are frightened already. Dogs do this […]

How to Stop Dog Digging ?

We’re inspired  seeing obedient dogs , plays and acts genuine on public places and taken commands and reacts immediately. How can we get our dog be like this! Dogs are playful when they have an attachment with surroundings where they lives. Digging your backyard is a very nature of any dog, which is not convenient […]

3 Months Old Puppy Maintanance & Training

I have been surfed internet to find Puppy Training tips, which will be useful for the beginners who cares growing their puppy with well mannered behaviors. Most of them were very informative but have not included very basic training tips which has to be followed by the owner immediately. Basic training tips for puppies has been […]