Dog Training

How to Walk a Dog – On the Street

In my previous article about How to walk a dog – Exercise 1  , I have explained the basic one of the important exercise you should teach your dog. As a continuation, I will add the second important exercise you should follow. Exercise 2 Well, exercise 2 will explain how to walk a dog on […]

10 Tips to Have the Best Summer With Your Dog

Make this summer rememberable with your dog by following this 10 tips to have the best summer with your dog. There are lots of small things which can make a good impact on your dog when you follow these summer dog tips to have a cool summer with your dog. Below summer dog tips will […]

20 Puppy and Dog Obedience Training Tips

Obedience training is the most important duty for all dog owners. It can be the best thing you have done for your dog. Obedience training may not solve all your dog behaviors but can be the strong foundation to prevent your dog becoming a spoiled pet. When you train your dog to be obedient, it’s other […]

How to Train Your Dog : Unusual Tricks

Dogs are lovable,cute,intelligent,true companion and a loyal friend. Some of us still afraid of dogs and not ready to play with them. I have had this question in my mind and tried to find out an answer for it. Finally came up with a clear idea. People afraid of dogs which is not trained properly. […]

How to Make Your Dog to High Five !

Dogs are generally very smart. In fact better than human at such a case. They can think and adopt easily when they are happy and willing to learn. As long as your dog is OK with what your trying to teach him , it will be easy for the dog owner to unleash the potential […]