Bull Mastiff

Did you know CAESAR DESCRIBED MASTIFF IN HIS  ACCOUNT OF INVADING BRITAIN IN 55 BC HISTORY Bull Mastiff was officially recognized at 1885. COLORS 3 Colors PERSONALITY Courageous , Dignified, Good – Natured   Quick Info  Large in size , Medium in energy 26th most popular dog breed in the world Not very active . […]

Great Dane

Great Dane Friendly Patient Dependable It is a working group dog breed.  One of the Largest dog breeds in the world. Did you know History The Great Dane was officially recognized at 1887. Colors 9 Colors Rank  15th Most Popular Dog Breed in the world Personality Friendly Patient Dependable  Great Dane appearance is real strong […]

Beagle Dog

Beagle is a compact small dog breed. Active companions for kids. They are fun loving also can be stubborn at times. They will mingle with family members without hesitation. Jovial and friendly.Still required best dog training tricks to be smart. Beagle Key Characteristics Beagles can be very difficult to handle in house training. Beagles can […]