Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff is one of the costliest dog breeds in the world. Fluffy , strong coated large body. Grooming for Tibetan Mastiff is bit harder than other medium coated dog breeds. Large round skull, straight serious look gives an imposing look for this breed. Tibetan Mastiff is bit different than other mastiff dog family dogs […]

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog is one of the largest working dog breeds. Heavy , strong coated body. Need more care on grooming this dog breed. Great protecting instincts what makes this breed stand alone from other dog breeds from the largest dog breeds.

Great Pyrenees Dog

Great Pyrenees is one of the finest cattle shepherd dog breeds. Their main goal is to protect sheep,goat,cow and their owners family,people almost everything it can. They are very alert and active. They have got an enormous white coated body.Strong build,thick coat and majestic look and appearance. Intelligent dog breed. They have all the qualities […]


Did you know “THE  DOGUE DE BORDEAUX  IS 158TH SPOT IN POPULAR DOG LIST” HISTORY The DOGUE DE BORDEAUX was officially recognized at 2008 COLORS 4 Colors PERSONALITY Loyal, Affectionate , Courageous Quick Info  Large in size , Medium in energy 158h most popular dog breed in the world Loyal,Affectionate,Courageous,Protective but not aggressive. GENERAL APPEARANCE The […]


Did you know THE NEWFOUNDLAND IS PARTICULARLY SUITED TO THE ISLAND OF ITS ORIGIN WITH A THICK AND HEAVY COAT HISTORY Newfoundland  was officially recognized at 1886. COLORS 4 Colors PERSONALITY Sweet,Devoted,Patient   Quick Info  Large in size , Medium in energy 36th most popular dog breed in the world Sweet,Patient,Devoted,good companions GENERAL APPEARANCE The […]


Did you know “THE NEAPOLITAN MASTIFF CAN  BE WEIGH OVER 150 LBS” HISTORY The Neapolitan Mastiff was officially recognized at 2004. COLORS 4 Colors PERSONALITY Watchful, Dignified, Loyal and Friendly   Quick Info  Large in size , Medium in energy 109th most popular dog breed in the world Watchful,dignified , sweet and steady and loyal […]