10 Best Dogs for Cats

We all are familiar with the term “Fighting like a cats and dogs”. Among our friends , there will be two types of people for sure , cat lovers and dog lovers !  What if you’re an animal lover ?  or What are all the Cat Friendly Dog Breeds? Can we have dogs and cats […]

Boston Terrier

Learn more about Boston terrier temperament and personality of the breed. Learn what he likes, how to train him,grooming tips for him. Boston Terrier  Temperament & Breed Information This terrier is an enthusiastic dog breed. Small in size, intelligent,adaptable. He is excited about running,playing the ball. Loyal and funny sometimes. You may not require a […]

Affenpinscher – The Complete Guide

Affenpinscher dog breed was developed to be ratters in homes and shops. Small in size, identified as one of the small dog breeds. Currently, they are fit for a house and mischievous. The general opinion is Affenpinschers are one of the cutest companion dog breeds, especially for ladies. Stats of the dog breeds Name: Affenpinscher […]

Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie Temperament Bearded Collie is a wonderful family pet dog breed. This dog breed is very responsive. They will accompanies you when you jog,walk,play and even when you purchase at grocery store. One of the well known family pet dog. Easy going type. Loyal friend and love to learn. They will surprise you by learning […]

What Dog Breeds Have The Cutest Puppies?

Everybody wants to own cutest puppies. Your friends may die to come over to your house and play with your cutest puppy. Not everybody like dogs. But most of us like Puppies. Generally puppies are the cutest thing you can point out. Some of the dog breeds are way cuter than others. In the poll […]