Dog Behavior

What Do Dogs Think About When They Are Lying Around?

One of my friends asked me a couple of questions “What Do Dogs Think About When They Are Lying Around? “, “What are they really thinking about?“. Somehow I’ve answered his question with all the knowledge I got. But I have asked the same question to me once he left. What are they really thinking when […]

Dogs and Children Together

Dogs and Children ! Parent struggles towards raising children is a well known thing. How about having a pet dog at  the same time! It might sounds not good. But actually not. Children and dogs are naturally mischievous and playful. Dog creates  a strong bond with the kid in your home. Your children will become […]

How Much Do Dogs Sleep

As a dog owner , you might have many questions regarding your dog sleeping time. How much do dogs sleep is the most common question asked by many dog owners. Well the  answer is 12-14 hours per day. Well your dog sleeping is not a continues action,they can hear a small pin drop sound especially […]

Why Stray Dogs are Strange!

Generally dog lovers have an idea about how does their dog behaves with them. Especially when they are happy, well treated.Similarly when they are not good, frightened. All these dog behaviors are similar in stray dogs! Many of us having this question. The answer is simple. In this article I will share my thoughts about […]

How Dogs Communicate with Humans!

What in the world make dogs so loyal !! How do they communicate with people , How do they express their feelings to people ? How People can understand dog’s language ? Really , did they have language to express ? So many questions had  popped up in my head. But I did not give […]