Top 10 Hunting Dog Breeds

Hunting dogs breeds carries a long history on helping humans to hunt small animals. They stood along with humans and for humans during a hunt. They have been used to hunt for food. Still certain dog breeds are involving in hunting for humans, also they are being the protectors of their owner. Hunting dog breeds […]

10 Things That Make DogFest Unmissable!

Have you heard of Dog Fest ! Dog festival is an event where large numbers of dog owners will gather together to participate and celebrate their dog’s pride with others. It’s one of the main doggy events of the year. DogFest takes place at Arley Hall,Cheshire on June 19 and 19, and Windsor Great Park […]

10 Benefits of Having A Dog in UK

UPDATE You may wonder , why this part on the top of the post !! Personally I feel good to share this on top. Yesterday I took a snap of a dog and his owners travelling in the local bus of Swindon in the same route as mine. For a moment I thought that , […]

Dogs of Roman Bath Spa – Popular Dog Breeds in UK

This is one of the special post from my personal experience. My visit to Roam Bath Spa , United Kingdom. ┬áName of the place might covey the meaning. Actually it is very famous for its natural spring water pool which has been used by the ancient roman emperors. Really very nice place ti visit. But […]

Top 5 Most Popular Dog Breeds In The World

Many of us(dog lovers) want to have the best dog breed in the world! It gives the pride. There are plenty of dog breeds which makes your life happier, easier and fulfill the void in your life. But some dog breeds are so popular that every dog lover has already heard of them, watched them […]

The Dogist – Simple , Elegant Dog Blog for Dog Lovers

When I came across the web last week, I found a beautiful blog which is completely loaded with high quality photos dogs from A-Z . Literally I stopped moving away from the blog and started admiring the quality of the dog blog. Then my focus went to the URL to bookmark the blog , when […]